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Effect of dietary chitosan extracted from exoskeleton of freshwater crab Sartoriana spinigera on relative liver weight and lipid content of liver in albino rats

Shiny E.C. Kachhap* & Suhasini Besra
University Department of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
Received : 11th November, 2017 ; Revised :18th December, 2017

Abstract : Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is an important complication of the metabolic syndrome, which is becoming an increasingly common cause of chronic liver disease. Nowadays, remedies of natural origin are in demand for cure of severe liver and heart related problems. Chitosan, a biopolysaccharide comprising copolymers of glucosamine and N-acetyl glucosamine, has been shown to have properties of decreasing lipid content in the body, including liver. The present study was carried out to investigate the efficacy of chitosan extracted from carapace of freshwater crab Sartoriana spinigera on lowering of lipid content in liver and maintaining the normal liver weight of hyperlipidemia induced albino rats. 20 albino rats were randomly divided into 4 groups fed with different experimental diets: Group A Basal diet, Group B-High fat diet, Group C-high fat diet+5% chitosan and Group D-High fat diet +5% hypolipidemic drug Ezetimibe. The experiment was conducted for 30 days after which rats were sacrificed and their liver were obtained. Wet weight of liver of rats was found to be 4.640±.0021 g, 5.723±.0017 g, 4.670±.0016 g, 4.670±.0001 g in group A,B,C and D respectively. Lipid content in liver of rats of all groups was also measured and was found to be 0.062±.0004 g, 0.161±.0017 g, 0.094±.0010 g and 0 .115±.0004 g in group A, B, C and D respectively. Statistical analysis by Student’s t-test revealed that rats of group C that was fed with chitosan had lower liver weight than that of group B fed with high fat diet at 0.1% significance level. Lipid content in liver of group C rats was also found to be significantly lower than lipid content of liver of group B at 0.1% significance level indicating that chitosan extracted from Sartoriana spinigera can prevent the risk of NAFLD by reducing lipid content in the liver.

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