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Comparative analysis of lipid in muscle of freshwater edible crab Sartoriana spinigera

Kumari Neetu* & Suhasini Besra
University Departement of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
Received : 21th November, 2017 ; Revised :20th December, 2017

Abstract :Present study deals with estimation of total tissue lipid content from different body parts of freshwater crab Sartoriana spinigera. The result showed the value of average lipid concentration in abdomen, cheliped & walking leg wet muscle of S. spinigera (50.71-95.10g) during summer season (20oC-26oC) was 45.167±10.169 mg/g, 13.33±13.84 mg/g, 12.5±12.47mg/g and showed a positive correlation (b=0.306; r=0.97), (b=0.347; r=0.81), (b=0.338; r=0.87) between body weight and lipid concentration.

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