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Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Voting System in India

Abhay Kumar, Daya Shankar Verma And Abhijeet Das Gupta
aAssistant Professor, University Polytechnic, BIT Mesra, Ranchi

bProgrammer cum Scientist Dept of Information Technology& e-Governance, Govt of Jharkhand.

 Abstract : This paper presents an effective secure and fear free robust Aadhaar (UID) Enabled Biometric Voting System(AEBVS) based on cloud computing architecture. For the implementation, it will facilitate those voters who are willing but not in to the position to cast their votes owing to their absence from head quarter for reasons beyond their control. In this paper, AEBVS has been integrated with AADHAAR CARD or Unique Identification (UID) card database using cloud architecture. By integrating AEBVS with cloud infrastructure and AADHAAR CARD database, percentage of polling would increase and can provide authentic electoral voting mechanism to satisfy the need of the voters. Cloud computing would also accelerates the AEBVS system because of the new architecture and secure technology. It would enable users and developers to utilize computing resources that are virtualized and serve the needs of the voters via the Internet.

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