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Monitoring of heavy metal contamination in macrobenthic fauna of Ranchi Lake

Kumari Jyotsna * & M. K . Jamuar
Department of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

Received : 2nd December, 2015; Revised : 17th March, 2016

Abstract : The present work was carried out in Ranchi lake to determine the heavy metal contamination in macrobenthic fauna. The water samples collected in the months of January, April, July & October 2014, showed the presence of lead and cadmium below the permissible level whereas the concentration of zinc & copper were above the permissible level causing corresponding contamination and impact on the macrobenthic fauna of the lake. The concentration of iron was slightly above the permissible level showing insignificant impact. However, the concentrations of all five heavy metals examined was found to be higher during the rainy season whose contamination impact was also very high.

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