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Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activity of some medicinal plants

Arshia Naaz*, Saloni Swaroopa, Nayema Khatoon & A.K. Chaudhary

Laboratory of plant physiology and Biotechnology, University Department of Botany, Ranchi University Ranchi-835009, Jharkhand

Received, 28th December, 2014 ; Revised : 5th February, 2015

Abstract: In this study, the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activity of three medicinal plants Lantana camara Linn., Canthanranthus roseus Linn. and Caltropis procera were investigated. Extract of these three plants were used ti inhibit the growth of plant-pathogens. Disc diffusion method is applied to measure the anti-micribial activity against 3 types of bacteria and 5 types of fungi. Our data express, all three plants extract have great potential as antimicrobial compound  against microorganism. Thus they can be used in the treatment of infectious disease caused by resistant microbes.

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