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Mutagenic effect of heavy metal mercury (hg) on plant Iberis amara l.

Nimmy Srivastavaa & Kamini Kumara
a*University Department of Botany, Ranchi University , Ranchi – 834008.
Received , 10th November, 2014; Revised: 5th December, 2014

Abstract : Present investigation was carried out to find out the mitotic and meiotic chromosomal abnormalities induced in the M1 and M2 generation of two varieties Hyacinth flowered and Iceberg of Iberis amara L. by heavy metal Mercury (Hg) which is one of the most important environmental pollutant in today’s world. A wide spectrum of mitotic and meiotic chromosomal aberrations like elongated cells, stickiness, laggards, bridges and binucleate cells etc. were encountered in both the varieties after the treatment with different concentrations of Mercury. The result concluded that treatment of Iberis amara L. with Mercury does not show a dose dependent increase or decrease in mitotic and meiotic chromosomal aberration in both the varieties. Lower treatment of heavy metal Mercury have influenced less chromosomal damage and would be suitable for inducing desirable mutations in Iberis amara L.

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