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Study of normoglycemic and antihyperglycemic effect of Vinca rosea extract in alloxan treated diabetic mice

Bipin Bihari Singha, Dhyanendra Kumara, Chandrawati Jeeb, Preeti Kumarib, Navdeep Ranjanb, Babalo Kumarb, Nishub, Priyankab, Radheshyam Singhc, Subodh Narayanc
*aP. G. Department of Zoology, VKS University, Ara, Bihar, India.
bDepartment of Biotechnology, A. N. College, Patna., Bihar, India.
cDepartment of Botany, A. N. College, Patna, Bihar, India.
Received 30th June.,2014; Revised 28th July, 2014

Abstract : The Diabetogenic agent, Alloxan, like ROS form superoxide radicals by the Fenton reaction, causes massive concentration of Ca++ in cytosol of β-cell and its dysfunction. The proven potential of Vinca rosea extract against Cancer can be equally effective against Diabetes mellitus, with less antigenicity when taken orally. In 150 minutes of study, each at the interval of 30 minutes, the normoglycemic role of methanolic extract of Vinca rosea @ 300mg/kg body weight and 500mg/kg body weight were observed and analysed After giving a dose of sugar solution@3mg/kg body weight to each mice, the treated group had an increase of only 10.4%blood glucose level after taking Vinca rosea extract @ 300mg/kgbw, whereas untreated group exhibited 146% increase in blood glucose level.
After 21 day of study, antihyperglycemic effect of
Vinca rosea extract @300mg/kgbw and 500mg/kgbw were observed in reference to the normal control mice group without assess to Vinca rosea extract and diabetic control group of mice without assess to Vinca rosea extract. The dose @300mg/kgbw reduced blood glucose level by 68.5% and the dose @500mg/kgbw reduced blood glucose by 87.3% without any adverse effect on body weight and parameters of the LFT, KFT and PFT.

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