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On the synonymy of Pleurogenoides odeningii Kharoo & Khatri, 2008 (Pleurogeninae : Lecithodendriidae : Trematoda) with Pleurogenoides gastroporus Luhe, 1901.

Mina Kumria, Umapati Sahayb* & Hem Srivastavab
aDept. of Zoology, Deochand College, Hajipur, B.R.A.B.U., Muzaffarpur, Bihar.
bDept. of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand.
Received , 15 June, 2014; Revised: 25th July, 2014

Abstract: Kharoo & Khatri (2008)1 reported a new species of a trematode P.odeningii from an unidentified snake which appeared in Natl. Jour. Life Sciences Vol. 5(8): 97 – 102. They compared the said trematode with reptilian trematodes P.tener (Looss, 1899)2 Travassos, 19213 from Chamaeleo basilicus in Egypt and P.medians (Olsson, 1876)4 Travassos, 19213 from Camaeleo chamaeleon in Tunisia. They also compared their trematode with amphibian trematodes like P.orientalis Srivastava (1934)5 and P.sitapurii Srivastava (1934)5 but they failed to compare their worm with other existing species of Pleurogenoides such as (i) P.gastroporus Luhe (1901)6 (ii) P.freycineti Johnston (1912)7 (iii) P.japonicus Yamaguti (1936)8 Kaw, 19439 – Syn. Pleurogenes (iv) P.compactus Shtrom (1940)10 (v) P.bufonis Kaw (1943)9 (vi) P.hashimi Rohde (1963)11 Syn. P.taylori according to Fischthal & Kuntz (1967)12 (vii) P.petropedatis William et Coker (1967)13 (viii) P.infranensis Dollfus (1958)14 (ix) P.solus Johnston (1912)7 Travassos, 193015 (x) P.sphaericus (Klein, 1905)16, Travassos, 19213 (xi) P.stromi Travassos (1930)15 (xii) P.stromi punicus Balozet et Callot (1938)17 (xiii) P.tacapensis (Sonsino, 1894)18 Syn. Sonsinotrema according to Balozet et Callot (1938)17 (xiv) P.taylori Tubangui, 128)19 Travassos, 193015.

The authors of P.odeningii also failed to compare their specimens with P.arrectum Dujardin (1845),20 P.minus Pigulevsky (1931)21 which have been considered synonym of P.medians by Sah (1999)22 and P.pabdai Pande (1937).23

The present authors have provided a comparative chart of P.gastroporus species described by various authors from time to time & have also compared P.odeningii with other species of Pleurogenoides. Majority of the characters of P.odeningii kharoo & Khatri (2008)1 fall within the measuremental range of P.gastroporus Luhe (1901)6 and thus have synonimised P.odeningii with P.gastroporus.

P.gastroporus var equalis Mehra & Negi (1928)24 Singh (1954)25; Pleurogenes orientalis Srivastava (1934)5 & Pleurogenes sawanensis Gupta and Agarwal (1968)26 are synonyms of P.gastroporus according to present authors.

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