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Study of variation in sugar (carbohydrate) due to the infection of ripe wild and Hybrid Tomato by Alternaria solani. Ell & Mart.

Mitali Mukherjeea* & (Late) Anju Priya Akhourya
*aDepartment of Botany, Jamshedpur Womens College, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India.

Received 30th July, 2013; Revised 30th August, 2013

Abstract: Present investigation deals with the purpose to examine the variation in sugar content after the infection of Alternaria solani in wild and hybrid Tomato. Cultivation of Tomato is increasing day by day in India as well as abroad.Fruit rot is severe disease of tomato occurring all over the India in humid condition.The fungus Alternaria solani of form class deuteromycetes is found associated with rot of Tomato in the field,transit and storage. Infection causes biochemical changes in the quality specially to its carbohydrate, protein,amino acid and ascorbic acid contents. In this research it is investigated by taking the extract of fixed volume of tomato pulp of wild and hybrid at definite intervals to study about the variation in sugar detected and estimated by qualitative as well as quantitative analysis by chromatographic and spectrophotometric method.

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