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Role of biofertilizers in soil fertility and rural agriculture development

Manoj  Narayan   Bhagata* &  Shikha Choudharyb
aDept. of Zoology, Ramesh  Jha  Mahila College, Saharsa , Bihar, India.
bDept. of Botany, SNSRKS College, Saharsa, Bihar, India.

Received  06th Jan.,2012; Revised 7th June.,2012

Abstract : Biofertilizers  are  preparations containing living cells or latent cells of efficient strains of microorganisms that help crop plants’ uptake of nutrients by their interactions in the rhizosphere when applied through seed or soil. They accelerate certain microbial processes in the soil which augment the extent of availability of nutrients in a form easily assimilated by plants. Very often microorganisms are not as efficient in natural surroundings as one would expect them to be and therefore artificially multiplied cultures of efficient selected microorganisms play a vital role in accelerating the microbial processes in soil. Use of bio-fertilizer is one of the important components of integrated nutrient management, as they are cost effective and renewable source of plant nutrients to supplement the chemical fertilizers for sustainable agriculture. Several microorganisms and their association with crop plants are being exploited in the production of bio-fertilizer. They can be grouped in different ways based on their nature and function.

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