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Uncontrolled population growth- a threat to sustainable ecosystem in Indian & global scenario

Bijay S. Singh* &  Ranveer Kumar
Department of Applied Chemistry, C.I.T. Tatisilwai, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Received :11th Feb., 2012;Revised 5th June.,2012

Abstract : Despite the fact that ecosystems underwrite human existence, we are now changing and degrading them at local and global scales; neither Earth nor India is ecological sustainable. This situation is largely caused by the rapid economic and population growth of the last century. Despite this there are universal pressures for more economic growth and, in India, calls for more faster population growth from business point of view but not from scientists. Such out comes will intensify pressure on biodiversity and ecosystems. This paper discusses some key ecological issues and their nexus with environmental impacts and human population size.

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