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Issues of poultry farming, nutrition and poverty alleviation in Sitamarhi (rural), Bihar

Kalpana Kumaria*
aP.G. Dept. of Zoology, J.P. Univ. Chapra, Bihar, India

Received 19th Jan., 2012; Revised 4th June, 2012

Abstract : Poultry farming plays a significant role in rural people’s life and contributes significantly to poverty alleviation and improvement of food security with high nutrition. In Sitamarhi district, Poultry farming is an emerging industry and hygienic poultry production can pave way to better income and sustainable development. Moreover, growth of this industry involves a lot of women and thus provides a strong base for women empowerment in this area. In this paper, an attempt has been made to explore the major linkages between poultry sector development, human nutrition, and poverty reduction in Sitamarhi district by assessing the potential role of poultry farming.  Due to poverty, a high population density and many landless people, a special effort is required to reach the poor and landless. Simple changes in management of village Chikens can significantly improve production and the living conditions of many rural families in terms of enhanced nutrition and income generation through the sale of surplus Chickens or eggs.

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