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Studies on soil condition of the pond bottom of Hajipur, Bihar

Amritesh Gautama,  Vidya Shankar Singhb& Satyendra Kumar b*   
aDept. of Zoology, J.P. University, Chapra, Bihar.
b Dept. of Zoology, S.N.S. College, Hajipur, Vaishali, Bihar.
Received 13th January 2011; Revised 21st February 2011

Abstract : This paper presents the important results of the soil analysis of the ponds of the Hajipur, Bihar during the session 2009-2010. Two different pond soil samples of Hajipur (North Bihar) have been analysed regarding their suitability for useable purpose. The samples were analysed after every three months for various parameters like pH, organic carbon, phosphate, Ca & Mg, carbonate and bicarbonate.


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