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On the validity of Genus and species of Lucknowia Gupta (1961) – a critical review

Fauzia Sadafa,  Anita Jhaa & Umapati Sahayb
aDept. Zoology, Gardanibagh Govt. Girls College, Patna, Bihar
bP.G.Dept.Zoology, R.U., Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
Received 7th June, 2011; Revised 17th August, 2011

Abstract : Hafeezullah (1993)2 has transferred some Caryophyllaeids like Lucknowia fossilis Gupta (1961)1; Capingentoides moghei Pandey (1973)3; Lytocestus fossilis Singh (1975)4, Lytocestoides fossilis Kanth, Sinha and Srivastava (1984)5 & Capingentoides gorakhnathi Agarwal and Singh (1985)6 into the genus Lytocestus Cohn (1908)7. Further, he has also transferred Lucknowia indica Niyogi, Gupta and Agarwal (1982)8 & Introvertus raipurensis Satpute and Agarwal (1980)9 in the genus Bovienia (Bovien) Fuhrmann (1931)10 without taking into consideration the details of the generic and specific characters & protein profile studies made by Niyogi et al (1985)11. The Authors have reasons to restore the original status of Lucknowia indica, Introvertus raipurensis and Lucknowia fossilis based on detail morphology & PAGE analysis.


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