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Observation of fish yield of an ox-bow lake Dah Reoti (Ballia) in relation to certain hydrobiological conditions

A.K. Jha, D.K. Paul* & S.R. Singh
Department of Zoology, S.M.M. Town P.G. College, Ballia (UP) -277001
* Department of Zoology, Patna University, Patna, Bihar, India – 800 005

Received 11th December, 2008; Revised 9th July, 2009

Abstract : The present state of fish yield of an ox-bow lake Dah-Reoti in relation to physicochemical complexes operating in lake water and abundance and composition of plankton community has been described in the present communication. In spite of the observed parameters being conducive to high biological productivity, potential fish yield from the lake is not realized at present from the lake. The causative factors for stunted fish population have been described and measures for improvement of fishery.


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