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Biodiversity of cynobacteria in diary effluent

Pathade K. N.* & Nandkar P. B.
P.G. Department of Botany, RTM, Nagpur University, Nagpur.

Received 7th April, 2009; Revised 22nd July, 2009

Abstract : An investigation was carried out to assess the impact of dairy effluent on the Cyanobacterial diversity. Total 27 species of Cyanobacteri a were isolated from dairy effluent. Of them, Oscillatoria subbrevis was dominant as compared to 12 other species of Oscillatoria. It is also followed by Phormidium anomala, P incrustatum, P. submembranaceum, P. tenue, P. papyraceum, P. ambiguum, Lyngbya aestuarii, L. lagerheimii, Microcystis aeuroginosa, M.flosa-que, Plectonema nostocorum, P. tomasinianum, Aphanocapsa pulchra and Synechococcus elongates. Cyanobacterial member in this effluent was maximum due to favourable contents of oxidizable organic matter, rich calcium and abundant nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates with minimum dissolved oxygen and slightly alkaline pH. Dominant species of Cyanobacteria to monitor the pollution in dairy effluent has also been discussed with the Biodiversity.

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