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Heamatological and serum biochemical response to certain Stressors in a air-breathing freshwater fish, Clarias garipineus (Burchell)

Rashmi Singh, Supriya Chatterjee, Neeta Lal*, Vijaylakshmi Pandey, Abhijit Dutta & K.N. Dubey Department of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi-834008

Received 17th Jan. 2007; Revised 18th Feb. 2007

Abstract: Clarias garipineus (Burchell) was exposed to stressors like acidic water, low and high temperature and their response was studied. Behavioral studies were recorded by increasing the acid level in the ambient water and sudden drop or rise in temperature for a short duration. While no mortality was recorded, a distinct behavioral change was noticed in experimental fishes compared to the control fish indicated stress. Hematological investigations confirmed the general stress response. Thus, TEC and related values indicated overall reduction in number. However, TLC showed a distinct rise in number as compared to the control. Biochemical investigations showed an increase in blood glucose level. There was a distinct fluctuation in the plasma protein level too.

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