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Correlative study on plasma calcium level and ultimobranchial gland in relation to reproductive cycle of Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch)

Anju Tiru & Grace Lakra.
Department of Zoology,Ranchi College, Ranchi 834001, India

Received 19th Dec. 2006; Revised 23rd Feb. 2007

Abstract: The histoarchitectural changes during the various phases of reproduction cycle in the ultimobranchial gland of H. fossilis has been investigated. The result depicts a close relationship between the two and also with the plasma calcium level. It is concluded that the increased level of calcium during the peak of reproduction and hypertrophied condition of Ultimobranchial gland does not indicate a hypocalcemic role of the gland. It is suggested that calcitonin has closer link with the reproduction in teleosts than the calcium regulation.

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