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Effect of temperature on the production of xylanase in thermophilic fungi

Himani Yadav* & A. K. Jaitly
Microbiology Laboratory, Department of Plant Science, M J P Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, India Received 29th Dec. 2006; Revised 25th Feb. 2007

 Abstract: The eight fungal isolates were studied for the production of xylanase at different temperature i.e., 45°C, 50 °C, 55 “C, 60 °C. Xylanase was produced by growing the test fungus in Bhat and Maheshwari medium supplemented with 1% xylan as carbon source at pH 6.0. The higher production of xylanase for Chaetomium thermophile (1.34 U/mg protein on day 5), Humicola fuscoatra (1.07 U/mg protein, on day 3). Humicola grisea (1.60 U/mg protein on day 3), Mucor sps (2.69 U/mg protein on day 5), Rhizopus stolonifer (1.12 U/mg protein on day 7 ) Sporotrichum thermophile (0.85 U/mg protein on day 5), Thermoascus aurantiacus (1.04 U/mg protein on day 7) was found at 50 t whereas for Humicola insolens (2.49 U/mg Protein) it was at 45 °C on 5th day.

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