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Digital anomalies among the Chero and Oroan tribes of Palamu Commissionary in Jharkhand State of India

Poonam Kumari* & H N Tiwari
Ranchi College, Ranchi 834008, India

Received 4th Jan. 2007; Revised 21st Feb. 2007

Abstract : Digital anomalies have been studied in the Chero and Oraon tribes of Palamu Commissionary, located on the Chotanagpur plateau of Jharkhand State of India. Two cases of radial polydactyl were found, one in Cheros and another in Oraons. Ulnar polydactyl and syndactyl were found to be absent in these tribes. The results have been compared with those of Konda Reddis of Andhra Pradesh and Pahiras.

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