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An indigenous way of management of rat population by Bhelwa seed oil treatment in and around Silli, Jharkhand State, India

Bandana Kumaria & Sudahnshu Kumar*b
a Department of Zoology, P P K College, Bundu, Ranchi, India.
b Department of Botany, P P K College, Bundu, Ranchi, India.

Received 9th Jan 2007; Revised 22nd Feb 2007

Abstract: Rat has always been a problem for agricultural areas. Farmers of Jharkhand are always troubled by these rodents who damage grains in fields or in store.The cost of various chemicals to kill or repel rat is beyond the affordable limit of the poor tribal farmers of Sili, Bundu and Sonahatu blocks of Ranchi district in Jharkhand. They have developed an indigenous way to get rid of rats from their fields and prevent damage caused by them below economic injury level. Bhelwa (Semicarpus anacardium) seed oil is used for this purpose. Though the practice is quite old and time tested it is still not known to modern scientific world. The aim of this communication is to study the detailed method of rat population management through the Bhelwa seed oil.

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