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Sex-wise prevalence rate of total and specific intestinal protozoan and helminth parasites in rural areas of Saran

Md. Insaf Ahmad Khan*
Department of Zoology, R.B.S. College, Dhanushi, Vaishali, Bihar, India
Received : 22nd April, 2020 ; Revised : 19th May, 2020

Abstract: Present study on prevalence percentage of total and specific intestinal parasites of rural areas of Saran district of Bihar was studied and for which 15732 single stool samples from 15 C.D. blocks, comprising 9079 (57.71%) males and 6653 (42.29%) females, were collected on random sampling basis and microscopically examined. The sex-wise prevalence rate of total intestinal, total protozoan, specific protozoan, total and specific helminth parasites in rural population of Saran district has been exhibited interesting results.

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