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Portfolio function of lady bird beetles (Coccinellids) in the agro forestry ecosystem of Kanke block, Ranchi district (Jharkhand), India

Neetu Kumari*
P.G. Department of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
Received : 25th April, 2020 ; Revised : 27th July, 2020

Abstract- Portfolio function of any biotic population in an ecosystem has multidimensional control & it is primarily engineered by S-W diversity index of the species. S-W diversity index is popular statistical information index as quantitative tool to assess the species abundance, richness & bifold product value of group of species dwelling together in a habitat that yields significant result for understanding their asset & liability value in the portfolio of biotic community. It further helps in contemplating the strategies for the management & development of sustainable environment & ecosystem. Beetles sampled from the forest, agricultural areas & grasslands of Kanke block in Ranchi of Jharkhand were taxonomically identified as Coccinella septempunctata L., Brumus suturalis, Adalia decempunctata Linn., Cycloneda sanguinea, Cryptocephalus triangularis, Hope & Hippodamia parenthesis. When the data were subjected to S-W diversity index tool, the value of H (H= -Σpi*log pi) for all the species of beetles was found to be 0.7691, 0.7625 & 0.7616 and PF (Portfolio Index) as 104.0, 19.67 & 78.7 which indicates that they have profitable asset investment in the community. as per portfolio function laws.

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