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Survey of types of malaria found in Bihar with serodiagnostic test analysis

Nupur Priya & Arun Kumar*
P.G. Department of Zoology, B.N.M.U. Madhepura, Bihar, India
Received : 24th December, 2019 ; Revised : 18th February, 2020

Abstract: Malaria is a parasitic disease caused by a protozoan of the genus Plasmodium. Despite the fact that it is a preventable disease, it ranks among the major health challenges for developing countries including India. This paper is based on a survey conducted for the analysis of condition of malaria during 2015- 2019 in Madhepura region of Bihar. During this survey it is found that malaria is a major cause of death in different regions of Bihar. Effective ways to manage malaria now exists but
then also the number of malaria cases is still increasing, due to multiple factors. Proper diagnostic methods are essential for the management and control of malaria. In rural areas traditional methods for diagnosing malaria remain problematic; therefore, new technologies have been developed and introduced to overcome the limitations. This paper deals with the serodiagnostic test analysis for malaria.

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