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Assessment of fish productivity of Gaya, Bihar, India

Surabhi Salonia, Lakshman Sahb* and Waquar Ahsanc
aP.G. Department of Zoology, Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya, Bihar, India
bDepartment of Zoology, R.K.D College Patna, Patliputra University, Patna, Bihar, India
cDepartment of Zoology, M.G. College, Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya, Bihar, India
Received : 21st December, 2019 ; Revised : 11th February, 2020

Abstract: The present investigation describes the fish productivity of Gaya ponds, Bihar (India) pertaining to its geological, morphological, economical features, requires urgent modernization to increase the productivity. It is the fact the fisherman community is one of the poorest of the poor sector of our society who sustain their livelihood on fish production and marketing. The result obtained through this research may be useful for poor people of the area; those are depending on
wetland resources. Diversity of fishes is significant for wetland study. Fisheries development from the open water is considered to be environment friendly, labour productive and from social and economic perspectives. Reservoirs that spread over the area can play a significant role in increasing the fish availability in the state and providing gainful employment to its rural people. It has long way to go towards optimum utilization of this important resources. The Gaya ponds have good potentiality
of fishery including composite fish farming and integrated fish farming. However, socio-economic conditions of the people of this region may be changed if proper utilization of pond produce is made with caution. Thus, the process of fishery in the pond is very old and it requires urgent modernization to increase the productivity and enormous scope exists in this country to harvest the water economy. Taking into consideration of our water resources, there is need of serious developmental efforts, which should be directed towards increasing fish production.

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