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Studies on symbiotic behavior of attine ants of Patna (Bihar), India.

Ranjita Sinha & C.V.Singh*
Department of Zoology, B.D. College, Magadh University (Bodh Gaya) Patna, Bihar, India
Received : 27th October, 2017 ; Revised :20th December,2017

Abstract: Ant–fungus mutualism is a symbiosis seen in certain ants called attines and fungal species, in which ants actively cultivate fungus much like humans farm crops as a food source. In some species, the ants and fungi are dependent on each other for survival. The leafcutter ant is a well-known example of this symbiosis. In the present study the symbiotic behavior of two species of ants – Acromyrmex octospinosus Reich and Atta cephalotes Linn. commonly known as home garden leaf cutter ants have been observed in the home garden marshy soil containing fresh plant leaves and its litter.


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