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Physico-chemical properties of water samples of Matashya Beez Prachhetra water body of Dighra, Muzaffarpur (Bihar), India

Kumar Abhinesh*
Department of Education, T.P Verma College, Narkatiaganj, West Champaran, Bihar, India
Received : 27th October, 2017 ; Revised :12th December,2017

Abstract: Assessment of physico-chemical parameters of water samples drawn from four different corners viz. east, south, west & north of standing water body of Matashya beez prachhetra situated in Dighra, Muzaffarpur district, Bihar, India were carried out during January to December 2014. PCP parameters such as turbidity, temperature, transparency, pH, DCO2, DO2, nitrate and phosphate were analyzed. The results indicate that most of the parameters from all four corners of the water bodies were suitable for domestic purposes as well as fish culture and other aquatic life. However, due to anthopogenic activities like bathing, washing etc. there has been some undesirable pollutants which may worsen the pond status in few years if relevant measures are not taken.


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