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Species diversity profile of Jute hairy caterpillar (Spilosoma spp.) population sampled from Saharsa district urban area North Bihar, India

Manisha Kumari*
Department of Zoology, B.N Mandal University, Madhepura, Saharsa, India
Received : 27th November, 2017; Revised:18thJanuary, 2018

Abstract : The paper deals with the preliminary survey and documentation as well as species diversity profile of different varieties of caterpillar species population sampled from 5 different pockets of Northern Saharsa urban area like Sattar Kataiya, Rakia, Shihol, Bijalpur & Menhakhonha. Caterpillar population expected to be well diversified in terms of species richness and abundance has been sampled from northern urban zones of Saharsa situated at latitude and longitude of 8802’N – 2303’E & 22055’S – 88010’E, having tropical characteristic. The results of application of these species diversity indices as information statistics tools for different caterpillar species sampled have been discussed in this paper which can explain the causes of caterpillar species diversity in this area in relation to other biotic and abiotic factors.


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