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On the validity of Lytocestus heteropneustii (Cestoda) Tandon, Chakravarty & Das 2005- a critical review

Umapati Sahaya*, Dimple Mandala, Nayni Saxenab & Ravi Rahul Singha
aUniversity Department of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
bPrincipal, Giridih College,Giridih, V.B.U
Received :21st October, 2017 ; Revised :23rd December, 2017

Abstract : Lytocestus heteropneustii a new species of Caryophyllaeid Cestode recovered from the intestine of Heteropneustes fossilis at Assam/ Meghalaya was described by Tandon et al. (2005)1 and kept under the family Lytocestidae Wardle and McLeod (1952)2. In 2011 Ash et al. synonimised it with Lucknowia fossilisi (Gupta, 1961)3 without giving any argument (ref. page 900 J.Parasitol 97(5)) which is unwarranted and leads to confusion. The authors have candidly assessed the morphological characters of the species referred above by giving a comparative chart and have provided sufficient points in favour of the validity of Lytocestus heteropneustii and negated the synonymy proposed by Ash et al. (2011)4.

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