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Inventory of grasshopper fauna (Orthoptera) of western Patna, Bihar, India

Suman Saurav & C.V. Singh
Department of Zoology, (M.U. Bodhgaya) Patna, Bihar, India

Received- 18th November,2016 ; Revised- 22nd February, 2017

Abstract:- Random field survey of grasshopper fauna in the western part of Patna Bihar including both residential colony and agricultural field has provided a group of seven different varieties of species belonging to different taxonomic groups. Identification of the representatives of sampled specimen was done in the research laboratory of department of zoology, B.D College Patna with the help of available key furnished in IMM’s text book of entomology Vol.II revised by Richardes (1998). The eight species recorded are- Acrida exaltata Walker (S.Family-Acridinae), Phlaeoba infumata Brunner (S.Family- Acridinae), Neophlaeoba walayarensis Usmani & Shafee, (S.Family-Acridinae), Aiolopus simulatrix simulatrix Walker (S.Family- Oedipodinae), Aiolopus thalassinus thalassinus Fabricius,(S.Family- Oedipodinae), Aiolopus thalassinus tamulus Fabricius,(S.Family- Oedipodinae), Acrotylus hubertianus Saussure (S.Family- Oedipodinae), Acrotylus insubricus Scopoli, (S.Family-Oedipodinae).

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