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Transport properties of the fluid for hard convex body

Navin Kumar Sinhaa*, Kumari Mamtaa & Priyadarshini Sangeetab
aDepartment of Applied Physics Cambridge Institute Technology, Ranchi- 834001
bJharkhand Rai University Ranchi-834001 (INDIA)
Received : 20th June, 2016; Revised: 26th August, 2016

Abstract : The Isotropic-symmetric and orientational co-relations for hard convex bodies (HCB) model, exhibit simpler behavior in the surface-to-surface than in the more customary centre-to-center co-ordinate representation. The radial wave equation of a HCB’s (hard convex bodies) model coordinate system has been described and expressed for the pair intermolecular potential specified in terms of the support function h(x) for the calculation of the phase shifts. The Intermolecular potential for HCB’S reduces to hard sphere (HS) Intermolecular potential for major and minor axis ratio equal to one and has exactly the same surface-to- surface distribution as for HCB’s. Thus, the theoretical work supporting the concept that the HCB model would prove to be as valuable as hard sphere model as reference fluid for real fluids.

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