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Morpho-anatomy of x-organ, sinus gland complex in eye stalk of Sartoriana spinigera (WOOD MASON 1871)

S. Besra
P.G. Department of Zoology, Ranchi University, Jharkhand, India
Received : 15th June, 2016; Revised : 20th August, 2016

Abstract : In the present investigation it was observed that eyestalk of Sartoriana spinigera contained optic ganglia, on the distal part of optic ganglia compound eye was present and from the proximal end optic nerve arose. Eyestalk contained four ganglia arranged in a consecutive manner i.e. just beneath the compound eye lamina ganglionalis was present, then medulla externa, medulla interna and medulla terminalis were observed. Sinus gland was located on the dorsal side of the medulla externa just beneath the compound eye and the X-organ on the ventral side of the medulla terminalis. Paraldehyde Fuchsin positive neurosecretory cells were observed in the X-organ sinus gland complex. Sinus gland was ellipsoid structure which was bent on itself at the anterior extremity of the eyestalk . The sinus gland was surrounded by a large outer sinus and a small inner sinus which appear to be in the form of blood vessel. Neurosecretory cells in X-organ were Paraldehyde Fuchsin positive which entered obliquely in the Sinus gland.

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