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Biomedical waste and environmental pollution

Seema Keshari
Department of Zoology, R.L.S.Y. College, Ranchi , Ranchi University, Ranchi
Received : 20th June, 2016; Revised : 15th August, 2016

Abstract : Biomedical wastes mean any solid or liquid waste which is generated during diagnosis or immunization of human being /animal. Human anatomical wastes,discarded machines, psycho toxic drugs, blood ,pus, liquid and chemical wastes associated with medical operations, treatment, pathological investigations, waste sharps, animal wastes microbiological and biotechnological wastes- these are when untreated or disposed in open spaces, created a lot of environmental pollution including bad odor, infection ,air pollution, soil pollution and even water pollution also. The biomedical waste is to be properly segregated, collected and packed for adequate disposal, but due to improper management, this is not done in a better way. The biomedical waste are thrown outside, from where it is picked by the rag pickers and sold to the rag sellers. Here the wastes like plastics, needle with syringe is sent to the recycling plants. After repacking again it comes to the market. This gives rise to many infectious diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, Malaria and other infectious diseases from blood and pus. The immense need of Biomedical Waste Management is necessary to minimize and control the problem. Hospitals and Medical Institutions should follow the guidelines of World Health Organization.

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