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Silk production and growth of Antheraea assamensis fed on leaves of Persea bombycina and Listea monopetala in different seasons

Soni Kumaria& Sanjoy Kumara*
Dept. of Zoology, Ram Krishna Dwarika College, Patna, Magadh Univ., Bodhgaya, Bihar
Received : 17th May, 2015; Revised : 10th July, 2015

Abstract : Antheraea assamensis Helfer, a multivoltine muga silk moth has two primary food host plant ‘Som’, Persea bombycina and ‘Soalu’, Listea monopetala were reared during rainy, autumn and winter season. ERR%, Cocoon wt., Pupa wt., Shell wt. of A. mylitta during different rearing period rainy, autumn and winter seasons were studied. Superior quality crop production is found from ‘Som’ fed moth compared to moth that were fed on ‘Soalu’. Considering the cocoon shell production in different seasons, ‘Som’ fed crop produced heavier and tough cocoon than the moth that were fed on ‘Soalu’. Significant difference p<0.05 is found in the production of cocoon shell, cocoon weight when both
the experimental food plants are taken into consideration. In both the cases shell production is found more during winter season.

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