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Impact of Arsenic trioxide on selected liver enzymes in Oryctolagus cuniculus

Manisha Kumari*
Department of Zoology, Nirmala College, Ranchi-834002, Jharkhand, India
Received : 2nd April, 2015; Revised : 7th May, 2015

Abstract : Arsenic is a long-known poison of environment and industrial origin. Prolonged exposure is associated with vascular disease, skin lesions and cancer. Transaminases are important enzymes in animal metabolism which are intimately associated with amino acid synthesis. The test animals were divided into three groups. Group I : treated as control. Group II: treated with 0.2mg/kg of As2O3 for 15 days and Group III : treated with 0.6mg/kg of of As2O3 for 7 days.In the arsenic treated groups there was a significant increase in ALP, SGPT and SGOT content. Therefore, it is suggested that water containing even low dose of arsenic should not be consumed.

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