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Population dynamics and emergence profile of the key parasitoids and the common predators associated with rangeeni lac insect

Md. Monobrullah*, A. Mohanasundaram, SC Meena, Sweta Verma & KK Sharma
Indian Institute of Natural Resins and Gums
Namkum, Ranchi – 834 010, Jharkhand
Received , 28th December, 2014; Revised: 26th January, 2015

Abstract : Relative abundance and emergence profile of the key parasitoids and predators associated with lac insect were recorded at two climatically distinct locations viz., Institute Research Farm (Namkum, Ranchi, Jharkhand) and Putidih (Jhalda, West Bengal). Caging of lac samples and microscopic examination revealed three parasitoids (Aprostocetus purpureus, Tachardiaephagus tachardiae and Parechthrodryinus clavicornis) and two predators (Eublemma amabilis and Pseudohypatopa pulverea) were in abundance during summer season (baisakhi) crop of rangeeni strain. A. purpureus and P. clavicornis emerged in large numbers during March-April, whereas T. tachardiae was more during June –July in summer (baisakhi 2012-13) crop. During rainy season (katki 2013) crop, emergence of A. purpureus and P. clavicornis was more during September-October, whereas T. tachardiae was more in October-November. Predators’ populations viz., E. amabilis and P. pulverea were more during crop maturity period in both the crops. Variations in populations were observed among the location, host and crop season. Summer crop was more vulnerable to A. purpureus and most of the parasitization took place on or before sexual maturity stage leading to sever mortality of rangeeni lac insect as compared to the rainy crop where parasitization occurred at crop maturity stage with considerable survival of lac insects.

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