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Role of blood glucose during reproductive cycle of A. cuchia.

Sushma Kumari*
Dept. of Zoology, R.N College, B. R. A. Bihar University , Hajipur (Bihar)
Received , 20th June, 2014; Revised: 30th July,, 2014

Abstract: The blood glucose level show annual variation correlated with the reproductive cycle. Blood glucose levels are used to determine the food value of A .cuchia as well as to forecast the efficiency of spawning. In the present study a lower level of blood glucose was recorded in both the sexes during spawning period which was attributed to the fact that spawning is most exhaustive task and it requires a lot of energy. The higher and almost constant level of glucose observed in other phases of reproductive cycle of this fish was probably due to gluconeogenesis to maintain the glucose level which was supposed to be the essential requirements as substrate for anaerobic respiration.

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