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Chemotherapeutic effect of benzimidazole derivatives on Nosema bombycis naegeli in silkworm Bombyx mori l -an ultrastructural study

Jyothi, N. B.a* & Patil, C. Sa
a*Karnataka State Sericulture Research and Development Institute, Thalaghattapura, Bangalore-560 062, India.
Received , 26th June, 2014; Revised: 30th July, 2014

Abstract: Benzimidazole derivatives, Albendazole (Zentel), Mebendazole (Mebex), Fenbendazole (Panacur) were tested in vivo against the parasite Nosema bombycis Naegeli in silkworm Bombyx mori L as chemotherapeutic drugs. Administration of the drugs 24hr post infection of N bombycis spores increased the survival rate compared to drug untreated batches. Drug treatment suppressed parasite multiplication and further development during medication period but parasite resurged during moth stage i.e. in the non medication period. Treatment after 48hr post infection was not effective and mortality due to N. bombycis infection was high. Ultrastructure revealed that chemical treatment caused malformation of the merogonic and sporogonic stages; reduced the cellular organelles in the development stages of N. bombycis which lead to vacuolation, elongation and finally collapse of the parasitic stages viz., sporont, sporoblast and early spore stage compared to drug untreated batches. However, effect of the drug on mature spore was not predominant.

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