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Study on aquatic weeds in lotic (R.Subernarekha) and lentic (Dimna lake) habitat in Jamshedpur

Paulomi Duttaa*
a*Kolhan University , Chaibasa -831001, Jharkhand, India
Received 12th January, 2014; Revised 15th February, 2014

Abstract :The present study elucidate the status of aquatic weeds in the R.Subernarekha (lotic) and Dimna lake (lentic habitat). The waterbody of Jamshedpur , an industrial Steel City , has been left unchecked sas a result of this unwanted and undesirable vegetation known as “aquatic weeds “ develop.
Beside, regular problems created by aquatic weeds like chocking the waterbodies, foul odour, making water unfit for drinking ,it causes to be habitat for certain protozoan diseases and bacterial diseases as well as for mosquitoes ,flies and their larvae.

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