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Taxonomic importance of vessels elements in Genus E. barnhartiicroizat, Euph.

K .A .Morea*
*aDept. of Botany, Yashvantrao Chavan Arts and Science College Mangrulpir, Dist. Washim (MH) India

Received 30th July, 2013; Revised 25th August, 2013

Abstract : Xylem element shows important taxonomic character for difficult to identification of some genera and species of the plants, Vessel element shows great variation in their size, wall thickening, shape, tail and characters of perforation plate like number, orientation and shape. The study of vessel elements which may be useful for the identification of a particular plants drugs because in the drugs the entire or various fragments of tissue are present. Many anatomist have contributed on the various aspect of vessel elements several workers studied the structure of vessel element. Present investigation shows study of these characters for Genus E.barnhartii.

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