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Studies on neuroendocrine activity in relation to oocyte development in Poecilocerus pictus (Fabr.)

S.M. Mahboob Hassana*, Sunil Kumara, Anju Kumaria & Shayeba Hasana
a Department of Zoology, Patna Science College,
Patna University, Patna, Bihar, India.

Received 11th November, 2011; Revised 19th February, 2012

Abstract : The neurosecretory activity of the brain neurosecretory cells in Poecilocerus pictus shows histological signs of increased activity during the entire period of egg development and maturation. The neurosecretory cells of P. pictus are one of the most important endocrine sources which play a central role in the oocyte development in adult females. The median neurosecretory cells (MNSC) and corpora cardiaca (CC) showed increased activity in relation to oocyte development of P. pictus. In P. pictus, the mature males did not appear to accelerate the process of egg maturation in females. The females which were reared without males or with castrated males also got maturity at the same time as the females reared with normal males but the size of oocytes and MNSC were affected. The MNSC was enlarged at the entire period of the development of oocytes. In freshly moulted females contained very little stainable neurosecretory material in MNSC than nine days old females because these females took part in copulation. In thirty two days old females in solitary condition, the size of primary oocytes and MNSC were maximum and contained large amount of neurosecretory material (NSM) in perikarya.

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