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Histopathology of kidney in the guinea pig due to sodium fluoride intoxication

Arbind Kumar*, Wajda Naz & Pooja Kumar
Cell Biology and Toxicology laboratory, P.G Departmeny of Zoology,
Patna University, Patna Science College Campus, Patna-800005, Bihar, India

Received 9th November, 2011; Revised 11th February, 2012

Abstract : In this study, the purpose was to examine histopathological effects of sodium fluoride on kidneys in adult guinea pigs given orally 50 mg NaF/mg/kgbw/day for 65 days. Abnormalities in the kidneys showed hypertrophy and hyperplasia, reduced peritubular  and luminal space, reduced urinary space and compact glomerulus. These morphological alterations due to fluoride toxicity may lead to polyuria as reported in fluorosis patients from endemic areas.

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