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Potato in Bihar : An overview

S.K. Singha, R.K.Singha & Rahul R. Bakadea*
Central Potato Research Station, Patna, Bihar, India

Received 10th Jan., 2012; RevisedĀ  15th June.,2012

Abstract : Potato is the fourth major food crop after rice, wheat and maize in Bihar. It occupies less than 5% of net sown area with production only 4th after rice, wheat and maize. The task before the state is to increase the production and quality of potato to meet the domestic requirements within the states and also exportable surplus to earn foreign exchange. Bihar represents the great Indo-Gangetic plains, one of the most fertile lands of the world. It offers salubrious agro-climatic conditions for growing a wide range of crops. Agriculture is the back bone of Bihar economy, employing about 80% of the work force and generating nearly 42% of the state domestic product. The article therefore, focuses on the various dimension of potato farming in Bihar ontime scale scientific research in past, present & future.

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