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On Djombangia species (Lytocestidae : Cestoda) – a review

Umapati Sahay a*,  Anita Jhab & Fauzia Sadaf b
a*Dept. of Zoology, Faculty of Science, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
bDept. of Zoology, Govt. Girls College, Gardanibagh, Patna, Bihar, India

Received 12th February, 2012; Revised 8th March, 2012

Abstract : Four species under the genus djombangia (Lytocestidae: Cestoda) viz D.penetrans Bovien (1926)1; D.caballeroi Sahay & Sahay (1977)2; D.indica Satpute and Agarwal (1980 )3 and D.clariae Kundu, Bhattacharya & Datta (1985)4 are reported from Clarias batrachus; H.fossilis: Clarias batrachus stinging catish (siluriformes) respectively.
D.penetrans is from Java; D.caballeroi from Chotanagpur, (Bihar), D.indica from Raipur & D.clariae from Bongaon & Malda (West Bengal).
Chakravarty & Tandon (1988)5 reported the occurrence D.penetrans from catfish Clarias batrachus in the north eastern region of India where as Hafeezullah (1993)6 reported this species from Nagpur (Maharashtra). The authors intends to discuss the status of Djombangia species in the light of recent works, and have reasons to revalidate all the species so far reported.

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