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Livestock role in rural economy and inclusive growth: Global prospective with special reference to India

S.S.Randhawaa*  and  S.P.S.Ghumanb
a*Director of Research-cum-Dean, Post Graduate Studies
bGuru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana, Punjab (India)

Received 12th Mar., 2012; Revised: 20th June, 2012

Abstract : The socio-economic growth of India largely depends on the scientific rearing and development of livestock animal population such as buffaloes, cattle’s, sheep, ducks and chickens etc. The present paper deals with the various aspects of economically important livestock animals with special reference to their role in the growth of rural economy. The global prospective of this area of life science research has also been overviewed in the context of planning the strategies of rearing and development of livestock animal in India.

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