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Empowering the fisher community through promotion of scientific Makhana cultivation in Antarathari block of Madhubani district in Bihar, India for livelihood security

Suman Singha*& Janardan Jeeb
aSecretary, SAKHI, Antarathari, Madhubani, Bihar
bPrincipal Scientist, ICAR-RCER, Patna, Bihar, India

Received:22Jan.,2012; Revised 12th June.,2012

Abstract : The article deals with the scientific approach for empowering the socio economically  challenged fisher community of Antarathari block of Madhubani district, North Bihar by motivating them to adopt the Makhana cultivation with R & D approach. The statistics of Makhana cultivation produce has supported the hypothesis that it can easily elivate the socio economic condition of fisherman of this locality who target only fish in their net but ignore the Makhana submerged plants. It is therefore a good measure  for livelihood security.

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