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Blood cell variants, haeme physiology and pathobiology under parasitic stress

Neelima Gupta
Department of Animal Science, MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly 243006. U.P. India

Received 17th Jan., 2012 Revised 10th June., 2012.

Abstract : The present article discusses the various aspects of blood cells in terms of their physico chemical properties, the physiology of the respiratory pigment haem and they pathological manifestation of the host infected by various types of helminth parasites. The host as a matter of fact remains under condition of stress due to single or multiple parasitic infection. The article primarily focuses on the fish host which is a good non-vegitarian food  for human beings . Hence, the researches on hematalogical as well as pathobiological parameters of fish host experiencig the parasitic stress carry significant value.

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