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About potato, CPRI and CPRS, Patna

B.P Singha & Manoj Kumara*
aCentral Potato Research Institute, Shimla-171 001 (HP), India

Received  20th Jan.,2012; Revised 5th June.,2012

Abstract :  An overview of Potato farming in India with special reference to Bihar has been presented in this article in relation to the foundation of Central Potato Research Station (CPRS), Patna, Bihar and CPRI (Central Potato Research Institute), Shimla being an ICAR concerned. The article of the lecture delivered in the inaugural function of the 4th Internationa Conference on LIfe Science Research for Rural and Agricultural Development ICLRAD-2011) between 27th to 29th December is a part of much acclaimed green revolution focusing on wheat and rice in India.

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