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Documentation of Trees and Shrubs of walled city of Amritsar

Gurveen Kaura, Bhupinder Pal Singha & Avinash Kaur Nagpala*
*aDepartment of Botanical and Environmental Sciences
Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar-143005

Received ,30th May, 2012 ;Revised: 8th August, 2012

Abstract : Ever increasing population, urbanization and industrialization witnessed during last few decades have resulted in a decrease in biodiversity at an alarming rate. Many individual species, communities and even ecosystems are under the threat of extinction or irreversible change. The world today has come to realize the importance of biodiversity and the governments all over are formulating biodiversity friendly policies to improve economy and alleviate poverty. In this on-going multi-pronged effort to halt species extinction and to promote the conservation of our plant genetic resources, the use of digital storage systems which allow efficient retrieval and manipulation of data is increasing. Considering this, we have initiated creation of an Electronic Database of Trees and Shrubs of Punjab. To begin with, we are documenting trees and shrubs of Amritsar city. This database is being prepared using This database will serve the purpose of storing, organizing and providing efficient retrieval of information on all the trees and shrubs. The focus of the database will be on providing text cum graphic information of each plant. This paper deals with the information regarding trees and shrubs of walled city of Amritsar.
Key words : Electronic database, Trees, Shrubs, Amritsar, Digitalization, Biodiversity.

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