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Effect of radiomimetic hydrogen peroxide on seed germination in ten varieties of Trigonella foenum-graecum L.

Rupali Ghosha & Kamini Kumarb*
aJamshedpur Cooperative College, Kolhan University, Jamshedpur – 831001
*bP.G.Dept. of Botany, Ranchi University, Ranchi.

Received 17th June, 2012; Revised 28th July, 2012

Abstract : Germination studies were conducted in ten varieties of Trigonella foenum-graceum L.(Pant Ragini, Hisar Mukta, Hisar Suvarna, Hisar Madhavi, Lam Selection, Hisar Sonali , Co-1, RMT-1, GM-1,NRCSS AM-1 ) under the influence of Hydrogen peroxide (H 2O2) with four concentrations (20ppm, 40ppm, 60ppm, 80ppm) .The variety NRCSS AM-1 was the most resistant where as variety Co-1 was the most sensitive.
Key words: Trigonella, germination, H2O2 concentration

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